Founded in May 1995, Galerie Martelly is family owned and operated by Herman and Serge Martelly and is based in Haiti. As a puchaser Rudy Martelly  travels around the world to deal directly with artists, art dealers, collectors and art galleries as well.

Since November 1996, they have organized several group exhibits, both private and public in United States (Florida, New York, Maryland, etc.) and Europe (France, Holland and Denmark) in order to promote the gallery's featured artists, such as Carel Blain, Philippe Claude, Jonas Exume, Saincois Francois, etc.
As they continued their business activities as collectors and dealers, they figured that the old adage of "Getting something done right means doing it yourself" also applies to finding and developing new artists.
The paintings seen here are part of our large inventory. Some of our featured artists are talented up-and-coming, while others hang in numerous fine art museums prestigious galleries and serious art collections worldwide.
 New items such as Voodoo flags, sculptures, vases, masks etc. are on the way. Visit us often and tell your friends about us. For comments and suggestions, drop us an e-mail.
Galerie Martelly has "contacts" in several parts of the world. They are our Purchasers, Appraisers, Dealers and Consultants.
Ted Martelly
New York
Serge Martelly
Co-owner - Haiti 

Herman Martelly
Owner - Haiti

Rudolf Martelly
Max O'Neal

Thierry P. Martineau
Miami - Webdesign


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